DOGE69 Treasury
Fully transparent token management and allocation for DOGE69
Token Name: DOGE69
Website: Total Supply: 696,969,696,969.00 Contract Address: 0x9374b8A848435637e9eBC2aC88904Ff829C4037f
Current Distribution: (90%) 627,272,727,272 DOGE69: Locked & Reserved for long-term staking and use on the platform. Tokens are LOCKED in a smart contract that requires approximately 24hours between initiation and completion of the actual withdrawal, ensuring transparency and safety: 0xA979f201437D378962572Eb2e1D1B652e60bEB5b (10%) 69,696,969,697 DOGE69: 6.5% for XVMC holders 1% for public airdrop 2.5% dev fund Risk disclaimer: Liquidity on DOGE69 will be low at the beginning which can result in wide price fluctuations, high volatility and extreme risk. You can lose all of your money. Trade DOGE69 on Quickswap Decentralized exchange​
Last modified 8mo ago
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